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Thumbs Up Nelson

Nov 28, 2016

On Monday last week TIL Freight proudly provided a TNL truck  for the “Thumbs Up” programme held at Stoke School, Nelson.

Thumbs Up is a programme all about children and truck drivers being able to see each other, by giving a thumbs up they can ensure they have seen each other.  This is part of a Road Transport Association of NZ (RTANZ) initiative which is being rolled out around NZ schools to promote safety for kids around trucks. 

The programme offers the kids a chance to get into a truck and see what the driver can and can’t see as well as a short video and talk/discussion.

TIL Freight along with RTANZ take safetyvery seriously and believe this programme is a great way to teach children how to be safe around trucks especially with schools drawing to an end for Christmas/summer holidays the benefits of the programme will be seen country wide.




Above: this photo demonstrates a blind spot as the children are unable to see their teacher in front of the truck.

Below from left: Pete Harwood, Derek Nees of TIL Freight  Nelson and John bond of  RTANZ showing their “thumbs up” with the pupils of Stoke School, Nelson


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