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Auckland Regional Fuel Tax

Jun 21, 2018

Good Morning

We're getting ready for the Auckland Regional Fuel Tax

You have most probably already heard about the upcoming Auckland Fuel Tax. 

A 10 cent per litre (excluding GST) tax on all grades of petrol and diesel in Auckland has been confirmed, with the revenue generated going to help fund some of the Auckland infrastructure projects.

The tax will come into effect on the 1st of July 2018 – albeit the tax still requires to be passed into law – we want to make customers aware now, that a surcharge or change is likely in the very near future which could affect customers all over New Zealand.

It is important to note that we have not yet had the confirmed mechanics of how this will be implemented or charged to us from our fuel suppliers – unfortunately this means we cannot clearly calculate or explain how any cost recovery will be passed on.

At this early stage we envisage a need for a new regional fuel levy affecting any consignment which originates, terminates or travels through the Auckland Regional Boundaries.  As mentioned above until further details are received we cannot confirm the exact mechanism or criteria.

We will be in contact as soon as more details are available to us, in the meantime if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact your account manager.

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