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TIL's Statement on recent media article

Jan 24, 2019
We would like to share the below internal communication clearly showing our groups statement regarding the mentioned media article and accused activities in our industry. 

The team at TIL Freight 

Transports dirty little secret

I would like to draw your attention to the above article currently circulating within NZ. The accusations are very serious for our Transport industry and therefore I have chosen to issue a Statement
to our employees as detailed below. I am sharing this statement with you so that you appreciate our company’s view on the accusations raised about the Transport industry. Although we do have 150 Owner drivers we are  predominantly an employee  based company with over 1300 driver employees. In any event our Statement applies equally to employees, Owner Drivers and Subcontractors who work for our company.

TIL Logistics Group Limited Statement to our employees

TIL Logistics Group (TILL) is concerned and alarmed by the details raised by media recently, about the poor, and dangerous, practices of other transport companies in New Zealand.  TILL is of the opinion that companies who encourage, condone or otherwise allow such practices do not deserve to be in business.  They exploit their staff, give the industry a bad name, and tarnish the public’s perception of what professional transport companies are wanting to achieve – and what each of you do on a daily basis, i.e. working safely and efficiently to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.  We support government and customers in the identification and restraint of such companies.
TILL categorically states that it does not allow such poor practices, and any manager, supervisor, driver, subcontractor or Owner Driver who practises such behaviours has no place within our organization.  Our Code of Ethics, Whistleblower policy, Company Handbooks and Manuals, are all clear on our expectations that all workers behave with integrity & honesty, and safely.
TILL has a culture where the safety, wellbeing and compliance with community & regulatory standards, are adhered to 100%.  Deviations are not tolerated; they are identified and swiftly dealt with.  Management is prepared to be measured and judged against these principles at any and all times.
TILL will report and challenge (and expects its team to identify) any transport company that we are aware of, that operates in the manner described in the media publication.  We will take on this social responsibility and assist government in the elimination of unsafe practices within our industry. 
This statement is to be read by all TILL workers, and placed on noticeboards and provided to driver induction training groups.
Kind regards

Alan Pearson
Chief Executive Officer - TIL Logistics Group
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